Panda and Penguin Recovery Plan

Coming out of a penalization is quite difficult. Im happy to say that  We have developed a very effective method, that has not failed so far, as long as the customer follow our instructions. I will explain the way we approach a penalized site below.

First, we need to understand that Most of the times, the site has been penalized for one of the following issues:

  •  Lausy links created in the past, that have been penalized and pass the penalization to money site
  • High Kw Density in links created. ( links using only 3 kws as anchor text)


Penalty is over a URL, not a domain. Sometimes the homepage is penalized, and the inner pages of the domain keep PR and ranking. Deleting the links is almost imposible. To bring up again a penalized site, we carry out the following procedure, that consists in 2 steps:

Step 1:

We wont delete the existing links, that would be almost imposible to do. On the contrary, we will build a huge amount of links to the money site, all high authority and high page rank. These links will consist on:

Wikis, .edu links , High PR forum profiles, Web 2.0, Social bookmarks, Social networks, Articles, Press releases, and PDF.

The huge blast of high PR links tends to dilute the weight of the bad neighbourhood links in time.

Step 2:

At the same time that we carry out step 1, we will guide the customer in copying the hit page to a new domain. The site then that has been hit, will have its homepage copied into a new domain, with some diffrence in content, but basically the same site.  To this new site, we will carry out an intense and unike link building that will make the new site rank for the kws selected right away. We will guide the customer all the process to optimize the new site on page seo, the customer will be incharge of the creation of this new site.

We will carry out step 1 and 2 at the same time. While step 2 will work for sure, step 1 cannot be guaranteed,  and most of the times in my experience, step the new site will rank in top 10 Before the old site can be taken out of penalty. This is the reason why we carry put the 2 steps at the same time. In the best of scenarios, customer will end up with 2 top 10 sites !




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